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64. Have you got a letter from the IRS? Don’t ignore it. Don’t panic and act on time.

What to do:

  • Verify why exactly the IRS sent you a letter. The agency categorizes notices to:

information letters (the agency wants to clarify your identity; needs additional information about your tax return)

letters about changes to your tax return or/and account (these letters relate to the mistakes you made, underreporting income or/and you are being audited, and the agency lets you know about this)

letters where you owe money to the IRS (in these letters the IRS informs you how much you owe, how to pay, and when is a Due Date). Remember, that if you can’t pay the full amount, you can use payment options that can help you in this situation.

  • Your response depends on what kind of letter you got. Usually, all the instructions about how you should act are provided by the agency in the letter.

  • Also, you can always ask for a tax professional’s help to clarify a letter you got.

Contacts us to set up an appointment if you have any questions:

United States Tax Services: Tax Preparation, Payroll, Accounting, Tax Planning

Call us at (800) 913-0809 or send an SMS at (224) 676-3577 if you have any questions.

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