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As you prepare for the tax season,

Often, clients tell me they are waiting to receive their 1099’s – but that is wrong! No need to wait and potentially cause a headache for yourself down the line. Since you have your bank statements, you know exactly how much you deposited into your account last year. Just simple add 12 numbers (a summary of your deposits per month).

And by the way, I always recommend that my clients receive paper statements. The banks want us to go digital, of course, but it is so much easier for tax purposes to have paper statements – so start printing them out if you receive digital statements.

To help you out, I’ve put together a list of documents you will need to have with you when you come in for your meeting at my office. Please note that every individual and business may be slightly different; however, this list is a good starting point from which to work:

Health Insurance Documents, especially the form from your provider Mortgage Paperwork Property Taxes Payroll W2 1099 Form 1098-T for college students Bank Statements Credit Card Statements

If you find you are missing any of these important items, double check that all the forms have gone to your proper address. The most important thing you can do to eliminate unexpected letters from the IRS later in the year is to be tenacious about tracking your income!

If you want to set up an appointment, call, send sms message

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Regards, Ilona Dovidaitiene, EA

Enrolled to practice before the IRS

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