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Thank you for your interest in our US Tax Services company. We will be glad to help you with tax preparation and opening a company.

Tax preparation in 24 hours process:

  1. Make sure you have all your documents (click here for a list of documents) Individuals, Business, Investors

  2. Please send us an SMS with your name, last name, and email address so our team will send you a link to upload your info securely to our portal.

  3. Please send us a deposit of $49 (link below)

  4. Please send us an SMS, when sent so we can confirm that we received all info and payment.

  5. Our team will contact you to set a phone appointment.

  6. We will send you an official acceptance from the IRS.

  7. Your taxes are done!

How to pay for our services:
Chase Quick pay ZELLE
or the link below

No product

Our team is using secure online file share portal to collaborate and share tax documents.
Please send us an email with your full name, phone number, and requested service at
We will send you an invitation to your personal tax account.
United States Tax Services Tax Preparation, Payroll, Accounting, Tax Planning

Taxes in 24 Hours

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